Parallel Viewing Method

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Look at the right-side image with your right eye, and left-side image with your left eye. Combining those two in your brain makes it seen in 3D stereo. Since you don’t look at them cross-eyed, you may find it less tiring.

You may find it difficult to view in 3D if the paired images are farther apart than the distance between your eyes. This is because the viewing directions of your both eyes get farther apart and the both images will never crossover.

How to practice:

  • Use relatively small images. Two images should not be placed farther apart than the distance of your eyes.
  • Relax your eyes, and try like viewing in long distance.
  • Look at the wall behind the monitor first. Gradually shift your attention to the images on the monitor, maintaining your focus still in long distance.
  • You’ll notice two images coming close together in the center. Adjust your focus to make them seen as one.
  • As the two images get completely overlapped, they’ll become clearly focused all of a sudden, with 3D depth coming to life like a real object.

Let’s practice with below: